Friday, 28 January 2011

Best Dressed 2010?

 In my random wanderings in the aether, I happened to stumble upon this fabulously attired pair...

Aside from looking like they've stepped straight out of the Steampunkiverse or a Cherie Priest novel, the attention to detail on their costumes is phenomenal. From her double layered gloves, to the bullet-belt wrapped around his wrist, there is nothing about their outfits I don't absolutely adore. I particularly love the colour combination of her olive green corset and claret red skirt - so unusual but it works perfectly.

Could they be the best dressed Steampunk couple of 2010? Let me know your thoughts.

You can find the original posting on deviantART here. Be sure to go and leave a comment - they must have worked really hard on their outfits, so they sure do deserve it.

Alas, poor Blogger...

... I've neglected it so.

I'm terribly sorry I haven't posted the retrospectives I promised just before Christmas. Unfortunately, the same hectic schedule that had created the need for them in the first place continued to exert its wearisome influence, thus making my task nigh-on impossible. BUT! Huzzah, my schedule has finally lightened, albeit only temporarily.

So do not divert your attention ladies and gentlemen, for here (over the next few days) comes a veritable garden of Steampunk delights...