Thursday, 19 August 2010

A Steampunk Stairway to Heaven...

I just stumbled across this little gem of inspiration for anyone interested in Steampunk-ifying their home.

The wrought iron spiral staircase ascending to a mezzanine lined with bookshelves (and haven't we all secretly longed to have a library with a balcony? Heavenly!), the industrial pendant lights, the railway station clock, those magnificent Corinthian columns... I could go on and on about this room. With a few more overtly Victorian touches and/or brass scientific instruments about the place, this would be quite the Steampunk 'des res'...

Unfortunately, the original site doesn't give any further details as to where it is, who created it etc; so if you were hoping to commission your own little Steampunk literary haven, then the chance of finding the person or persons responsible is depressingly slim.

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