Sunday, 15 August 2010

A Sophisticated Soiree of the Steampunk Sort...

Calling all Steampunks! In case you didn't know already, the UK's biggest Steampunk festival, The Asylum is happening next month in Lincoln. Tickets are still available, so if you have the means, motivation and opportunity, I strongly recommend a trip there this September 10th-12th.

Such a large Steampunk gathering will undoubtedly result in a plethora of veritable delights - trade stalls, workshops, exhibitions, and the chance to meet fellow Steampunks. Indeed, some decidedly exciting news from the festival, is that renowned author Robert Rankin is to launch his latest book, The Japanese Devil Fish Girl, at a booksigning during the event. While all of this is an undoubted draw to anyone interested in the Steampunk genre, it's worth noting that even without the presence of the Asylum, Lincoln itself is well worth a visit. I actually considered going to Lincoln University, which given my propensity for historic surroundings, should tell you everything you need to know about the city. 'Picturesque' has never been so apt. Coupled with the added attractions of the Asylum, spending three days in Lincoln is a decidedly appealing prospect.

Alas however, I cannot go, as university once again beckons and preparations for returning to my dear alma mater will be in full swing. Packing, as I'm sure you know, is an absolute pain; and trying to cram everything I'll need for a year away from home into a suitcase and holdall, decidedly so. The sheer volume of clothing, shoes, books, toliletries etc. is almost unnerving, and is definitely not helped by that natural process of accumulation. The occasional yet continual purchase of little odds and ends, which at the time seem small and insignificant, but overall represent a sizeable volume which requires careful and strategic packing. Of course, the fact that I now have to accomodate a top hat, is of course, neither here nor there... *whistles innocently*

Perhaps it's a good thing I can't go to the Asylum - I'd probably end up with even more...

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